Welcome to TRĀL's maps page


TRAL's digital maps are sold through the Avenza Map store for a small charge.

These charges help to fund ongoing development of Tonto OHV user maps 

as well as other programs that help keep our OHV trails open.

To get our maps in digital form, follow the following steps:

Step 1 - Set-up an Avenza Maps account and install the app on your device

  • Android:      Google Play Store “Avenza Maps ”
  • Apple iOS:   Apple App Store “Avenza Maps”

Step 2 – Using the information below for the map you’d like to obtain, there are several ways to locate the map in the Avenza store

  • You may purchase the maps from your computer by clicking the links below the maps.  
    • After your order is processed on your computer, follow these steps to get the map(s) on your device
      • Open the Avenza Maps app on your device
      • Tap the Store icon
      • Tap the My Account icon and sign in
      • On the My Account screen, tap any map to download it


  • On the My Maps screen in the Avenza app on your device, click the plus sign (+) and then “Download or import a map”.  In the upper right corner of the Add Map screen you will see an icon for the QR code reader.  Point your device’s camera at the desired QR code below and touch the app’s QR code reader icon.  This will take you directly to the map in the Avenza map store. Scroll down and touch the “Get this Map” button to purchase the map.  (Note some maps may be free.)


  • As an alternative shortcut, you may enter the link shown below each of the maps below into a browser on your device such as Google Chrome or Safari on your device which will also take you directly to the map in the Avenza map store.


  • You may also search in the map store on your device for key words from the title of the map. 

Tonto National Forest maps available through Avenza


Web Users may click here for the Sycamore/Rolls area map.
Hewitt Station User Map - 2000x2000
corrected Hewitt QR
Web Users may click here for the Hewitt Station area map.
Payson User Map - 2000x3600
Corrected Payson QR 12-14-18
Web Users may click here for the Payson area map.