Rim Country 4 Wheelers Jeep Rodeo 06/01/19

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Rim Country 4 Wheelers Jeep Rodeo 06/01/19

Post by axel road » Mon Jun 03, 2019 2:41 pm

Thank you Rim Country 4 Wheelers for hosting a fun Jeep Rodeo and inviting us! The day started with a cow round up, that was fun to watch but one poor calf was left behind and cried all day from the nearby brush.

The rodeo event consisted of a driving and pulling into a space with a marker and then backing into a space with cones and markers without hitting the marker or cones, while the driver was blind folded! Your passenger had to tell the driver how to drive. Then driver got to take off their mask and pick up 3 potatoes with a long pole and dull nail, then passenger did the same. The 3rd part was driving thru a cone area with a sharp bend in it and backing up without hitting any of the cones. Then on to a teeter-tooter to balance within 3 tries. Lastly was putting on the mask/blindfold again and driving thru a deep rutted area and then take off the mask and get to the finish line where the passenger had to put the US Flag in it's flag holder. This was all a timed event, except the teeter-tooter, oh and you had a pie plate on your hood with a tennis ball that you had to keep in place. You incurred time penalties for hitting markers, cones, losing the tennis ball and a time reduction for balancing on the teeter-tooter.

After most people completed the rodeo, we had a yummy barbecue lunch. We came in 3rd place, which was really good since Ken hadn't driven blind before nor been on a teeter-tooter. We had a great day and enjoyed the rodeo!

Here's my pics - Enjoy! And a long-ish You-tube video.
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