Log Corral (FR3456)

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Log Corral (FR3456)

Post by -Spike- » Sun Mar 03, 2019 8:32 pm

This is a very popular ~8 mile trail that traditionally has some challenge spots, depending on what the storms do to it, and runs from the SR87 highway to the east side of Bartlett Lake.

We've got a report that there are large trees down across the trail, a bit under a mile after the turn to the north into the narrows, or just under 2 miles from the highway. Also, lots of brush.

A future ADAT run is needed for FR393, which is accessed from Log Corral from the south, so TRAL will likely have to clear the trees. Keep an eye on the Upcoming Events forum for that run. This trail is maintained by Mesa 4Wheelers, so they may get it done before we do.

Contact Richard Lillard at adat@tralaz.org for information about TRAL's Adopt a Trail (ADAT) program.
Contact me via PM or tral.bene@gmail.com if you are interested in receiving training to inspect the trails in Tonto National Forest, offered through the ADAT program.

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