Log Corral 12/16/18

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Log Corral 12/16/18

Post by axel road » Mon Dec 17, 2018 1:52 pm

We went to Log Corral on Sunday as it had been awhile since we've played there. At the staging area it was nice to see the big sign the forest installed, telling people to pick up their trash, be careful of forest fires and save the vegetation; too bad a pick-up with trailer parked in front of the sign so it was not visible to all. I know the staging area can be full and the sign will be blocked, but that not the situation on Sunday, anyways... Collector was fun to use, as it alerted us of upcoming gates and potential erosion issues. There were 2 rigs wheeling ahead of us, at one point we came around a corner and they were parked waiting for us. There was a situation ahead and they weren't sure the route was passable. Sure enough, at that spot, collector showed erosion. After some assessing and rock stacking, Ken felt confident all would make it thru so they made him lead the way. It felt and looked sketchy but all made it through. This is a spot we should probably add to the calendar to level of the off camberness of the trial. Below is the link to pics throughout the day. Enjoy!

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