Hewitt Station work day / fun run - 11/10/18

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Hewitt Station work day / fun run - 11/10/18

Post by azrich » Tue Oct 23, 2018 3:11 pm

We'll be installing some maps at Hewitt Station and at the same time holding a meet and greet at one staging area or maybe two if we have enough people show up. We can also help the forest sign guy (Max) put up some road and destination signs.

After the installations and talking to our fellow OHV enthusiasts we'll head out on a run and have lunch on TRAL. Please sign up for the event if you plan to come so we make sure to have enough food for everyone.

UPDATE AS OF 11-6-18:

We'll be meeting at 9:00AM at the new staging area on the east side of the Hewitt Station area. See below for directions.

We were able to remove the kiosk from Lower Sycamore today so we'll be installing that kiosk in the staging area we are meeting at. The forest is looking to pull up a two-panel kiosk in the staging area on the west side of Hewitt for repurposing. A small crew of TRAL folks could go help with that after the kiosk install on the east end. And of course during all of this, we'll be meeting with our fellow OHV enthusiasts to show them what we do, chat about how great the Tonto is and encourage them to get involved.

Directions: Drive east on US 60 toward Superior. After you pass the turnoff to the Pickett Post trailhead on your right, start looking for the turn to the left for the staging area which is across from Boyce Thompson. The link below is approximately where the staging area is. If you hit Superior, you went too far.

https://www.google.com/maps/@33.2817412 ... 631,17.02z

As an alternative, I'll go to the Basha's parking lot in Gold Canyon about 8:15 to leave from there at 8:30. if you'd rather meet there, I'll be waiting.

Bashas - https://www.google.com/maps/place/Basha ... 11.4749723

Don't forget to register if you are coming so we have an accurate food count.
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