Wednesday 3-28-18 ATA help and route inspections near Roosevelt Lake

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Wednesday 3-28-18 ATA help and route inspections near Roosevelt Lake

Post by -Spike- » Thu Mar 15, 2018 3:17 pm

Maintaining good relationships with other groups that recreate in the Tonto is important to TRAL, and benefits us and the OHV community in many ways. This is a great opportunity for us to help out another volunteer organization, while also getting our own goals accomplished.

The Arizona Trail Association is performing trail maintenance on the Arizona Trail, and has asked for our help transporting supplies and personnel to and from a hiking trailhead on FR83, near Roosevelt Lake. This event is the return trip on Wednesday, 3-28-18. We need open seats to move 8-10 people and their supplies.

We will meet at the Tonto Basin Ranger District Office at 9am and do some route inspections in the area. At 3pm we'll meet with the ATA group and transport them from the Two Bar Ridge Trailhead to a ranch on FR83.

There are reports that the terrain is 'rough', with rapid elevation changes. 

Lunch will be provided for folks who register on the TRAL Events calendar at least 24 hours prior to the event. If you can't register there, please reply to this thread.

If you plan to attend, please register ASAP so we can get a headcount and make sure we can meet our commitment to the ATA.

Contact Richard Lillard at for information about TRAL's Adopt a Trail (ADAT) program.
Contact me via PM or if you are interested in receiving training to inspect the trails in Tonto National Forest, offered through the ADAT program.

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