CCRD Fencing Project - November 19th

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CCRD Fencing Project - November 19th

Post by speaker » Sun Nov 19, 2017 1:26 pm

Thanks to John Bricker, Jerry Suk, Barry Krayer and Bob Pelatt for coming out this morning to get a start on fence construction for the new 144th street staging area in Cave Creek. We got off to a slow start trying to collect all of the tools we needed and especially the power auger for digging holes. Forest has a fancy new welder and plasma cutter...but we were missing a critical electrical connector. John took Eric Norman off to try and find one but had to give up after hitting two different stores. Will need to hit a store that specifically sells welding equipment to get the right connector.

When we got started we quickly found out that there was a layer of "cement-like" soil about 18" down which was too much for the power auger. Lots of work with a rock bar did not make much progress either so we had to call it a day. Forest will bring in the big guns this week...a power auger attachment to their bobcat.

We did get to talk to a couple of dirt bikers about what we were working on and even did a little recruiting. As usual, John and Barry were on their game telling the TRAL story, laying out all the work we have been doing in CCRD and giving bike advice to a new rider that stopped by.

Work on the fencing project will continue this week and anyone interested in going out Monday or Tuesday to help would be welcome. I will post up a notice on the event forum and I think both Bob and Jerry might head out tomorrow so if interested you can connect with either of them. There is a good amount of fence to install plus there is a kiosk to relocate. Once this is done work will shift to the Indian Springs staging area.

It was a beautiful day to be out in the Tonto plus we had donuts!!!

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